Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Double the fun...

I am now beginning to truly understand the joys of having two children. Just as little man is beginning to get over his cold little lady decides she is going to get sick too. So now in addition to  mr. wiping constant snot,  we have had ms. fever and sore throat. Whoohoo!  
If they weren't so cute I would run and hide from the cloud of germs that surrounds them.

Little lady is super excited about Halloween this year so we have been busy crafting lots of decorations while we have been home recovering.

Little man however said he was not so in to crafting. 
 Let me out of here he said.
  I'm doing hard time for spitting up on my good outfit.
Now she has me dressed in this prison jumpsuit!

Uh oh, busted with sister's hairbrush. I wonder how much time this will add to my sentence?!
 Solitary confinement! Oh no!
 Hopefully they will recover quickly this momma is getting a little stir crazy.

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Melissa W. said...

You are hilarious!!! Hope they feel better soon!!!