Monday, June 11, 2012

A little flashback...

I had a flashback to my childhood today while watching little miss out in the backyard. I let her use my ipod to listen to some music with headphones on. She was ecstatic because she figured out how to rewind and listen to her favorite Foster the People song over and over and over again, Pumped Up Kicks anyone? Any how it just made me remember how cool it was when I got my first Walkman. It looked a lot like this one.
Oh how awesome it was to be able to listen to my cool mix tapes I had made by taping songs off the radio. Totally!

So if you have a spare 42 seconds ...

Cracked me up!

We are still continuing to work on the house, that is never ending. We have several projects in the works but I have not have a chance to take updated pictures. We have been doing a little yard work, taking advantage of the nice but not yet brutally hot weather. Pics to come soon.

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