Thursday, May 24, 2012

A little catching up

It's been a while since posting, I just have not had a moment in the last few weeks distraction free to sit in front of the computer and organize my thoughts. This is the third day in a row I have worked on this single post. I'm not sure if it was mine or hubby's bright idea to move, have a baby, buy a house, remodel and move again but seriously, what were we thinking?!
We finally got the new/old house in working order enough to move in so we have been slowly getting settled as the renovations continue.

Two days after we moved in hubby had the luxury of going to the Bahamas for "work."
This was his view for 5 days.

This was mine. I was just a little jealous.

Whoever invented shelf paper that sticks should be shot. This stuff took me several evenings to peel off the wood in the kitchen cabinets. I never want to see cutesy flower shelf paper again!

The kiddos are settling in. Little lady loves playing with little man, who much to her dismay has started rolling all the way over. He no longer makes a good snack bowl holder for her.

At some point I need to take updated pictures of the kids bathroom upstairs. The last pictures I took we were still waiting on the counter tops to be installed. Now I need to clean so you don't see the mess of four people sharing a bathroom before I do the big reveal.  :)

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Melissa Wagner said...

You had all excited to see the bathroom! Waiting...