Saturday, June 30, 2012

I have been working on this post since mid month so it is a little random because I sort of forgot what I was going to say about the pictures I had already uploaded. So bear with me if this post jumps all over the place.
I'm not sure why she thought this was a good idea, do you?

We had 8 yards af mulch delivered about 2 days before my back went out. So needless to say it sat in the driveway for over a week untouched. Nice.

Because my back was hurting hubby resorted to child labor.

Hmmmm, what is this thing for again?

Hubby and little miss did manage to get her custom swing (made by daddy) hung, which she has thoroughly enjoyed.

Front landscape bed of house before.

Hubby and I let some professionals handle the beds. He hired 2 of the hardest working guys I have ever seen from who used to work with a friend of ours. They accomplished more in 8 hours than hubby and I could have done in a month. Well worth every penny!

Hideous dying dogwood tree.

I need to take better after photos but you get the jist of it. I love that now the japanese maple is the focal point when you walk around the back of the house now.

Since we removed a tree in the back we added one in the front. Here hubby uses the truck to pull it into the hole. It was a big tree for us to wrangle on and off the trailer. I was a little doubtful it could be done but hubby managed.

It is a large crepe myrtle, we have no idea what color flowers it will have as it was a free tree. So it will be a surprise when it blooms.

Totally off topic but just had to throw this one in. Had a playdate at a local park this week and little man tried the swing for the first time. I think he liked it.

I know you all are waiting on bathroom pics but hubby has requested that none be taken until it is truly finished. Hubby has now started the downstairs master bath and brought home a truckload of sheetrock last night to hang on the walls in there this weekend.  Pics to come eventually.
Have a great weekend, we are planning indoor projects to try to beat the heat. We will finish the landscaping when it it isn't 100+ degrees outside.

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