Saturday, February 5, 2011

I figure when Hubby mentions how out of date the blog is it's time to do a new post! We really have had no excitement around here lately unless you count potty training and a flu like virus as excitement.  The little one is doing really well with the potty training (knock on wood!) it has been several days without an accident. We were housebound for almost 10 days while she was sick with a nasty virus that ran rampant through the preschool. I was thrilled when she recovered enough to go back to school on Wednesday.
Unfortunately, the weather outside is not cooperating with our desire to be out of the house. So what better way to celebrate a healthy kid but by taking her out and exposing her to more kids and germs with a trip to the aquarium on a nasty Saturday morning.
The normally gorgeous view of the bridge from the aquarium looked really strange with half the bridge gone in a haze of fog. 
Jaws theme song starting now...
The little one really enjoys the aquarium and always especially loves the camping exhibit they have there. Gross but cool, we saw two barn owls feeding their baby a dead mouse in this exhibit. Here she is warming herself by the campfire.
Here's a little video clip of the little one getting friendly with the fish...

This next fine video is a test video. I am trying to learn how to use the Flip video editing software...

Hopefully the weather will improve and we be able to head outside tomorrow!

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