Monday, September 13, 2010

Mother's Morning Out?...

Today was the first day of the mother's morning out program I had signed the little one up for. It is at a church 2 blocks from our house. We have been talking it up to the little one for over a month now. She seemed really excited about going .
Here she is doing her I'm going to school dance this morning!
Here she is hopping in the stroller to walk to school.
And here she is pushing her bun bun to school in the stroller.
Can't you just tell how excited she was?
Unfortunately, all of that excitement and happiness wore off immediately upon me dropping her off. Not pictured is the tearful face I saw after the school called about an hour later to tell me she hadn't stopped crying and would I come to pick her up?! So much for my high hopes that she would instantly love it and that I would have 3 glorious hours twice a week to myself!
I am hoping that Wednesday will go better and that she might stay at least for an hour and a half!
Happy Monday!

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