Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Since the weather is warm I have a hard time making myself sit in front of the computer long enough to do more than check my email, so this post may be a little all over the place.  

I had forgotten that I never posted finished pictures of the little one's new playhouse. Hubby painted it pink and put a metal roof on it. It turned out super cute!
My neighbor bartered with us for hubby to do some work at their house in trade for her sewing the curtains for the two windows and the door.  The material is a shower curtain that I found at target. Which I thought might work out better than regular fabric since it will be exposed to the elements.

All the kids love playing in it, opening the curtains and playing inside is lots of fun! We keep a small stash of toys and books inside for them.

We also up sized our pool this year!  It's a $30 walmart special but I feel like we have already gotten our money's worth out of it as we have played in it just about everyday!
She loves the slide and mommy and daddy like the fact that we can actually fit in the pool too!

We have already spent many days trying to beat the extreme early summer  heat in the pool with a little help from Popsicles too!

Another ongoing project has been working on the little one's new room. Hubby and I decide to move her into a bigger room so that we could contain the toys a little better. This has been a project for the better part of a month now because I couldn't decide on the paint color.  I think I almost paid more for the half dozen sample jars then I spent to paint the whole room itself! We painted three walls a soft green and the remaining wall a creamy white.

I also found this awesome wall decal online. I was a little unsure how it would work out whether it would stay stuck on the wall or not but it was super easy and looks really cool! I am excited that it will peel off and that I can move it around as needed. I never realized how many wall decals that there were out there and I was worried that it might look cheap and tacky but so far I am pleasantly surprised.

We divided the room in half using a bookcase turned on its side. I still am planning on painting the bookcase white but that is a project for another day.

One half of the new room is her play area. The floor tiles that we had used in her previous play area work great and fit together to make a nice big area that fits her kitchen and table and chairs. She has enjoyed having tea parties with everyone who comes over and when no one is available for tea her teddy bear fills in nicely.
The other half of the room is now her designated sleep area.  (Dresser not pictured is on opposite wall)

I was worried that she might not transition well to sleeping in a bigger different room and that she might not go to bed but play with all of the toys but so far so good! She loves to invite people to come see her "new room" and has surprisingly resisted the temptation of toys after bedtime, for now at least. 
The next challenge is to decide what to do with her old room...
As much as I love it, as a guest room purple polka dots may be a little much. For now they will stay as I am still trying to put the house back together from the first redecorating job!


karen said...

Love the decal!

Melissa said...

that decal is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Baum Twins said...

What a fabulous idea -- half playroom, half bedroom!! I was surprised to see it, and I love it. It must be grand to have a play area now, huh?