Monday, December 21, 2009

Totally Baked!

Last night I began my holiday baking. Below is my sugar cookie dough resting in the fridge. Doesn't it look yummy?! Like a big blob of pizza dough!
While waiting for that magic transformation of my dough I made these peanut butter kiss cookies. I have never made them before but have eaten tons of them over the years. They are simple to do, I used the recipe off the Hershey's Kiss bag.

I had a little help from one of the little one's Little People, Maggie. Didn't realize that she was there cheering me on until I reviewed the pics!
I ate the rejects, so the one you see with the crooked kiss was all mine!

This morning I tackled the sugar cookies.
It took me almost 4 hours to bake and decorate them, and that was with me slacking towards the end. Notice only a few of the Santa's have bow ties...

Hubby even helped by putting some stripes on the candy canes for me!

My favorites have to be the Christmas trees. I think they turned out the best.
I used a powder sugar/ vanilla glaze to cover and to hold the sprinkles on and then piped icing around the edge.

Looking at all the pictures while I type this has made want to go eat. Happy Monday! I'm going to go bite the head off a snowman!