Thursday, December 3, 2009

Smocked Dress Madness, Episode 2...

For those of you that have been reading my blog since the beginning, you know that I love shopping for the little one, especially if it is at bargain prices! Today was the first day of the twice yearly Rosalina dress sale here in town. Some of you have probably read my posts about the sale before. Rosalina is a wholesale distributor but twice a year they open to the public. It brings out every crazy mommy and grand mommy from all over the state! Some of these women are like vultures, grabbing every outfit they can manage to hang onto. It can be somewhat ruthless! Even though pictures will eventually be taken of her in each and every outfit and posted on my flickr site, I just get so excited about my purchases I have to show them off asap, especially to my mom and sisters!
I think I did pretty good this time, I was on a mission to get a Christmas outfit, which I did as well as a few other cute things. Due to major budget cutbacks in our household this time I had a set spending amount, I showed great restraint and I feel like I made some good choices. It is tough to decide when there are SO many cute things and they are constantly bringing out new stuff. I had to put my blinders on big time!
So here are the latest additions to the little one's wardrobe!
The Christmas outfit!
I love that it is pants not a dress, as my mom said "it will make it easy for her to run around and open all of her loot come Christmas!"

Christmas Outfit #2
Doesn't seem like I showed much restraint buying 2 Xmas outfits, but I really couldn't decide...At least now she will have something festive for Christmas Eve also (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Sailboat Dress

Fish Dress
Little one loves fish!

Chocolate and Pink Dress
Now that the Christmas dress is purchased it is time to go visit Santa! I hope that it goes as well as the visit to the Easter Bunny did. I think we are going to try to tackle that on Sunday, if she screams it still gives me time to do a few photo shoots with her at home once I get the decorations out for the card photo.
Keep your fingers crossed Santa doesn't scare the hell out of her!

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Karen said...

GREAT choices!! Love them all!!