Friday, December 18, 2009

Lights and Snuggies, Oh my!

For the first time since moving here we finally made it to the Festival of Lights . In year's past we have been to lazy to go but now that we have the kid to impress we felt the time was right! This was 20th year the park has done the light display and they certainly have a variety!

Love that hubby caught the picture as the clock was chiming and the mouse ran round! Bong!

Noah's Ark

One of the little one's favorite, since she has an ark and animals at home, thanks to Grandma, who keeps trying to get some religion in to her life. :)

Magical elves and even the old lady and her shoe!

In other exciting news, the little one got a super awesome Christmas gift from one of her favorite auntie's! A SNUGGIE!!!!
Here she is modeling it in all of it's neon hot pink glory! This is the kid size so it will be wearable until she is probably about 15 or 5 ft tall, which ever comes first! It also came with matching slipper socks which she immediately put on and the wore as sock/leg warmers for the rest of the night! I think she's in love with her new snuggie!
Happy Friday!


Karen said...

The Festival of Lights actually looks really neat. I'm impressed! And, the Snuggie is the most amazing thing ever! Loves it!

Eric said...

awh she loves her snuggie! You will never lose her that thing is majorly hot pink!