Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We Survived...

Yesterday was the little one's strabismus eye surgery. We have known for almost a year that surgery was going to be the most likely outcome in her particular case. We are relieved that it has finally come and gone and that it went as smooth as it did. The little one did great and was a real trooper. We hope that she will not need further surgery although we know that that is a possibility. Here are a few pics of our day and the aftermath!

The little one in the pre-op room, not happy as you can see! She was thoroughly unimpressed with the id bracelet on her ankle!
After her drugs kicked in she felt much better!
She didn't even cry when her doctor came in to talk before surgery, which is a first. She normally screams at the site of him!
The marks above her eye designate the surgery area aka let's not be stupid and amputate a leg instead of fixing the eyes!

The nurses in post op told us to expect her to be sleepy the rest of the day but after scarfing down two Popsicles, a glass of juice and a few crackers
in the recovery room she was amped and ready to play the afternoon away. By the time we arrived home she was happy and ready to eat again!

Today the eyes are very red as you can see in the picture but not nearly as bad as what I had imagined that they would be. Hopefully it will only take a few weeks for the bruising to go away.

She was thrilled to receive flowers and balloons from her Aunt and Uncle. They made her day and will definitely help occupy her this week while we are recovering!
Happy Wednesday!

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