Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Fun!

Sister and her hubby came down south for a fall visit, I tried to keep them entertained with fun fall activities. The pictures are in random order and I am to lazy to rearrange in the sequence that they actually happened!
At the corn maze! The little one lucked out Daddy was willing to carry her! The rest of us didn't realize how HOT is was going to be and worked up a real sweat getting through it!

Sister's amazing pumpkin!

My hubby's not so amazing pumpkin in the background! (his is Elmo in case anyone was wondering!)

My pumpkin, which I worked hard on to redeem myself after last year's fiasco! A happy goblin, with brother-in-law's traditionally carved one in the background.

Me and Sister showing off our festive shirts courtesy of mom!

Halloween cookies baked with love for the neighbors! Who am I kidding it was 6 labor intensive hours of baking! I totally thought I could just whip these out in no time! At least I now know what to expect for Christmas!

At the Fair

Merry-Go-Round with Daddy

Her first fair game! It was tough, picking up a duck out of a pool! She won a stuffed lizard!
(the toughest thing about this game was keeping her from jumping in the pool!)

We all enjoyed having the family here! I wish they could have stayed longer!

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Karen said...

Those sugar cookies were EXCELLENT -- definitely worth all the time you put into them! Thanks for the fun!