Monday, November 23, 2009

When will it end?

We have hit an interesting stage with the little one.
A stage where she goes from happy little girl to...
a screaming banshee in the blink of an eye!

Today we had our first, but certainly not the last, incidence of public embarrassment. We had been out running errands and when I went to put the precious little one in the car seat to go home she decided that she had NO DESIRE to cooperate! She screamed, she flailed about, she played dead, she all around made me work up a sweat getting her fastened in. All the while the lady in the car next to us, with the window down, witnessed the whole thing! Lovely.

The way the little one was screaming you would have thought that I was beating the crap out of her with a sharp stick! Although I have to admit I was half tempted later after we got home and another tantrum erupted over a simple diaper change.

I was fortunate enough to have a friend stop by to witness that episode. This same friend just days earlier had said, as the little one was snuggled up on her lap for a story, "She is so sweet it almost makes me want one!"

She rethought that quickly as she helped me hold down the little one long enough to get a diaper on her!

Her pants didn't make it back on until well after lunch!


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Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I love your daughter's name! It's so classy and beautiful. :) Evie hasn't started on full-blown tantrums yet at 14 months but she's practicing a few times a week and I can see the future! She has recently discovered that she can make very loud, shrill screams and I'm sure that's part of the equation that will end in exactly what your Evelyn is doing. Hey, who needs pants when you're at home anyhow?