Sunday, July 5, 2009

MMMmmm...Random Dessert Part 2

Continuing with the random dessert making trend around here I decided to whip up a banana pudding. Our Publix grocery store each week on Sundays and Mondays has a mystery penny item. So fortunately for me 2 weeks ago it was Vanilla Wafers. Since we had recently demolished an entire box of these I though I would try something different.

The box had an easy recipe on the side which I manipulated my normal way. Their recipe called for low fat and fat free items so I took it upon myself to make the full fat version!

Their recipe also called for vanilla pudding not banana cream but I neglected to read that part of the recipe. I assumed that for banana pudding you would use the banana flavor but oh well!

Halfway prepared! Looking yummy already!

Here is the little one taste testing for me. She approved!

The finished product...

I ran out of whole cookies so I just sprinkled the crumbled ones on top. It didn't win the beauty contest but at our house its the taste that matters!

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Karen said...

Can I have some?