Friday, July 17, 2009

Hate it when that happens...

I had high hopes that I was going to be able to write about how this new recipe I tried worked out and was the most delicious thing we had ever eaten but I so can't! It wasn't inedible but the taste just didn't live up to the image I had expected in my mind. I used the Krusteaz raspberry bar mix to make cheesecake bars (the recipe is on the back of the box).. I have had great success with their mixes, we love the coffee cake muffin mix but this not so much!

The crust, which smelled yummy when it was mixed was very grainy and crunchy. You can see a lot of visible oats in the mix.

The little one and the dog waited patiently for me to prepare it. I promised them each a taste!

The finished product looks great but we discovered it is best if you just lick the cheesecake part off the crust and throw the crust away!

The crust was just too dry and crunchy for our taste. Cheesecake deserves a better crust!

In other news our neighbors brought these over for the little one! So sweet! I just love the embroidery! It is hard to tell from the picture but the blue towel is embroidered with brown thread which just looks so nice together.

We have a really nice couple who live behind us, their kids are grown and live a few hours from here. They love to visit Evelyn because their grand kids live so far away and they don't see them very often. She makes a good substitute grand baby for them!

That's all for now! Happy Friday!

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