Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cleaning Up and being THAT mom...

Due to a moment of irritation in not being able to find a particular article of clothing I decided to tackle our closet. Here it is mid July and I have never gotten around to packing up the winter clothing. Our closet is a nice size walk in but like every closet it has its filling point. We had reached that point.

Even the little one decided to help me. Here she is sorting the hangers for me!

Three hours later the closet is pristine. Clothing is now sorted by type and color, and I am even giving the Oprah trick another try. I was watching Oprah one day when they had a show on keeping yourself organized and they said to turn your hangers all around then wait a few weeks and see what still has the hanger turned around. It is an easy way to know what you are actually wearing. This really works, I tested it on hubby a while back.

I am especially guilty of hanging onto clothes from decades ago in the hope they will either come back into style or fit again. I am determined at the end of next month to seriously clear out what we do not wear! Within reason...

On to the next topic... I found myself doing something today that I thought I would never do... I bought my kid this...

The little one has now decide to turn her nose up and all of her previous favorites. PB&J sandwiches, cheese toast, spaghetti, waffles, etc. have all hit the floor faster than the dog can keep up! So here she is shovelling in as fast as she can, craptastic instant mac and cheese!

I had always dreamed of having a kid who liked everything so that I could be one of those mothers that had a kid who eats healthy and is so easy to feed and at first it seemed as though we did. She would eat just about everything we put in front of her except green beans and green peas. Those days are gone my friends, we are reduced to cheap frozen pizzas, mac and cheese and assorted flavors of goldfish.
She does love fruit but that has to be limited due to the diarrhea factor (learned that lesson the hard way, never feed you kid watermelon , blackberries, peaches and strawberries in one day). I even bought fish sticks to try (suggested by my neighbor, mom of two) to see if she will eat those. We will be testing those for dinner.
I am hoping that this is a phase but knowing how picky I was as a kid I'm guessing this is only the beginning.

So for now its mac and cheese and I am slowly becoming THAT mom who feeds her kid food that isn't organic and super healthy, at least for now anyway.

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