Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Did the Tree Just Fall on the House?

This morning hubby and I were sitting on the couch doing the usual morning routine. Hubby feeds the baby her bottle while we watch the morning news on CNN. When all of sudden the house shook, it wasn't just a small rattle either, the house really shook! We both looked at each other like what the fuck just happened? We both instantly thought the same thing, that the old oak tree that canopies our entire roof just snapped and one of the huge limbs fell on the roof and rolled off. We go racing outside only to find the tree still completely intact. What the hell?I then decided it would be best to go and knock on the neighbors door and see if they felt anything or were hubby and i both crazy? Indeed the neighbors had also felt it. Was it possible? Did we just have an earthquake? Yes, my friends, it truly was an earthquake! Come to find out it was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake. Wow!

Who would have thought in sleepy little Summerville we could have such excitement!

In other news, the wildlife around here is trying to take over our house. Last night hubby was headed out the front door with the baby when he came racing back in the house telling me "quick hold the baby!" WTF?! I wondered "It's a snake!" he says. Sure enough as you can see from the picture below this damn snake was trying its best to make its merry way into my house!

I'm not sure how it managed to make it all of the way to the front door since our front porch is elevated at least 3 feet of the ground. And of course at the time none of the 5 outdoor kitties were anywhere to be found. Usually they are all lounging on the deck. They were definitely slacking on the job. Hubby, brave guy that he is, took care of the snake. As far as I'm concerned the best kind of snake is a dead snake! I guess I need to quit feeding the cats so much so they will get back to work!

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unblinkingeye designs said...

Maybe the snake knew the earthquake was coming? Or, maybe the cats brought you the snake as a "thank you" for all the tasty vittles you provide!