Tuesday, August 19, 2008

who needs a gym? work-out at Walmart

So as you all know walmart is not really my favorite place to frequent. i much prefer target or walgreens but every great now and again i need a lot of stuff that walmart does sell for cheaper. therefore i feel obligated to go to save some money. so this morning i packed up the little one and off we went. this is only the second time i have taken evelyn with me because there is something about our walmart in town that seems dirty and unsanitary, you all know what i freak i am @ germs and that sort of thing, but it had to be done. we arrive and unfortunately the car ride was not quite long enough to put the baby to sleep so two aisles into the store the little one decides she has no interest in sitting in the car seat any longer. the screaming began! she wanted out right then and there! so because i had made the effort to go to walmart, i was not leaving until i had what i needed so i promptly carried her butt all the way around the store. there is nothing quite like the the work out you get from lugging a 13 pound baby all the way around walmart while pulling a cart behind you and throwing items from the top shelves into the cart! i guess all of the effort wore evelyn out though she fell asleep two minutes into the car ride home!!! :)


Jenny said...

Oh, the trips to Wal-Mart . . . I use two carts, with a twin in each one, and regularly give them bananas or cookies from the packages on shelf (and pay for them, of course) to keep them distracted. It's an exercise--literally--in physical stamina and creativity! Baby Evelyn is beautiful, and your posts are hilarious!
Jenny and those twins

Melissa said...

Been there, done that! You have some serious will power girl! I could not of done it ;)
You seriously have one of the most beautiful babies ever!!