Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cricket Obsession!

ok so i've been slack... here's our sunday excitement, some of you out there may think we are bordering on crazy with our cricket obsession. those of you that have seen my previous cricket post know that the bugs are very frisky and multiply rapidly. its not that i have all day to stand around looking at them they just happen to be literally right outside my front door and every time i walk outside i see that they have eaten more and more of my jasmine as well as leaving large turdlets all over the porch rail. so today there were 4 of the little b*st*rds out on the railing all at the same time. So hubby went cricket hunting. he managed to round up all of them in one tupperware!! we decided it would be a great idea to relocate them, so off we go down the block, mommy, daddy and baby with the tupperware full of larger than life crickets (which by the way were busy doing the dirty deed , see prev. post).

after depositing the crickets we turn to head home hoping that they would not follow and that's when the excitement got to be to much for the baby! she pooped all over mommy! needless to say it was a quick walk home and into the kitchen sink for baby! so fun!!!! hope y'all had a nice weekend !

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