Monday, August 18, 2008

4 month check up

Today was Evelyn's 4 month check up at the pediatrician which is always so stressful for mommy and baby. she is right on target with weight and height at 13lbs and 24 inches! the doctor seemed very pleased with how she is coming along. she was such a trooper and waited until after the nurse had given all 4 shots before screaming like a banshee :) we will however be visiting the eye specialist to check her vision. at her last check up we had spoken about her not really grasping for toys hanging above her and we mutually agreed to give it some more time. today i mentioned to her Dr that she still seemed to have some trouble focusing even though she was now grabbing at her toys and after examining her he agreed. he said it will probably be something that corrects itself with time but to be on the safe side we should have the specialist take a look. so its a good thing we have already met our deductible for the year! poor baby is worn out from all of the excitement so with tylenol on board and an early feeding she finally quit screaming and is taking a well needed nap!

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Melissa said...

Sweet Evelyn is already 4 months old! I am sure her trip to the eye doctor will turn out just fine. Nothing like a worried mommy ;) Amelia went to MUSC eye doctor at 5 months old also. It was not bad at all, they are really nice!