Monday, September 14, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Today we went on a short road trip up to Columbia to visit the zoo. Neither hubby nor I could even remember the last time we had been to a zoo! We all had a great time checking out the animals and the huge garden that they have there. It is nice now that the little one has gotten a little older that we can take her to do fun stuff and she actually enjoys it.
Feeding the Giraffe was so cool! Everyone enjoyed that!

If only they looked this pretty on people's front lawns!

The little one checking out the Zebra.

This guy's giving me the stink eye because I laughed at him for having part of his breakfast on his chin!

She enjoyed giving out hugs to ALL of the animal sculptures!

Going in for another hug!

Her first Merry-go-Round ride!

Most of the animals had buddies to play with this one preferred to play by himself!

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