Thursday, September 10, 2009

A last ditch effort...

Yesterday I decide to make one last attempt to grow something in the garden. I have had little to no success all summer but I again have hopes! Maybe fall is the way to go since there are less insects and less heat.

I also planted cucumbers and one more tomato plant (not pictured). I was unsure about the zucchini but I was advised at the nursery that it is a 50 day plant and this one already has buds so it should fruit before we get cold, since it isn't really cold here until November. And who can go wrong with plant advice that comes from a nursery that also has the greatest collection of Holly Hobby plates from the 1970's for sale!

If only they hadn't already sold their the metal Holly Hobby lunchbox collection off! Because of course I asked after seeing the plates! I had one when when I was a kid! It was the best!

I totally would have bought it for the little one to carry her snacks around in! Anyway, that's all for now keep your fingers crossed that I can at least manage to grow enough lettuce for a single salad because that will make the effort all worth it! :)

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