Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I read about this fluffy white frosting on another blog a few months ago. She wrote how easy it was to make and how much lighter and fluffier it was than canned frosting. Usually when I bake a cake I just leave the frosting off because I am too lazy to make homemade butter cream or anything of that nature and around here the canned kind is not our favorite (meaning we hate it!) To my dismay they do not sell it in any of our local grocery chains. I searched high and low even asked at publix if they could order it which unfortunately they could not.

So just how did I come across the frosting you may ask... I traded out Lance crackers with my sis who lives in Minnesota! I know a Lance cracker trade may seem odd but where she lives they don't sell Lance crackers but they do sell powdered frosting mix! And Lance snack crackers are the best so it makes for a pretty even trade of yummy!

This is a super easy frosting it really only takes about 10 minutes. The box contains a packet of white powder to which you add 1/2 cup boiling water. Hubby laughed when I heated the water on the stove not the microwave. Am I the only one who still does that?
The only problem that I had was that it had suggested that you use a standing mixer for best results. I don't have one so it did give my hand mixer and my arm a good workout as you have to mix on high for 6-7 minutes.

My mixer did a good job though, as the frosting turned out perfectly. As the little one can attest to!
At first she just lightly tasted it but in a matter of seconds she was covered in it!
The box claimed it would generously cover a 2 layer cake, they weren't kidding. It more than generously covered the devils food bundt cake I made.
And even though it has an inch of yummy frosting coating it I couldn't help myself I added some extra goodness...

This is a great easy frosting, very yummy and a great excuse to bake a cake! I will definitely have to have sister stock me up when she comes to visit!

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Karen said...

Kahea won't microwave water so you're not alone with your stove-top boiling. The frosting looks yummy!