Monday, August 17, 2009


Our real estate agent did open houses here this weekend so in order to keep the house spotless we did the only thing possible, we left town! We decide it was a great time to go and visit the grandparents. Friday we drove to Raeford to visit great granny. The little one had the best time running around discovering the treasures her house holds.
A pint sized rocker in great granny's living room was a lot of fun!

Her collection of old license plates in the garage.

This made me chuckle...

Medieval torture devices she calls exercise machines. She almost gave us a heart attack when she jumped on it, so no pictures were taken of that even though it was quite humorous!

Her old radio and record player. On top is a picture of her and her twin sister.

Great granny and the little one. It was tough to get a shot of them together. The little one was constantly on the go exploring.

After a yummy lunch of soup and cornbread we continued on to Wilmington to spend the rest of the weekend with my folks. They were kind enough to take us in for the weekend in exchange for hubby doing crown moulding in their bedroom. Grandma was so excited to see the little one again so soon and surprised her with a new fun water toy!

Notice how Grandma was smart and stayed out of range of the splashing water! She is nearly in the bushes! Unlike me who ended up wet as well! After tiring Grandma and Grandpa out the weekend was over with a short visit with hubby's folks on the way home in Murrells Inlet. Hubby's mom is recovering from back surgery and is still in the hospital. We hope she is back on her feet soon!

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Karen said...

Very cool photos from great grandma's house!