Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yesterday, my friend Melissa had her twin boys! Whoohoo! Happy Birthday to Henry and Hudson!!! I cannot wait to meet them! They came a little early but are doing well, as is their mommy. They hope to be home by Saturday!

Grandma and Grandpa also came for a short visit on their way to Atlanta. Evelyn really enjoyed showing off her new tricks to them. While they were here we went to walmart and got a new toy for the whole family! A very cool bicycle seat for the little one to ride in! A while back we bought ourselves awesome beach cruiser bicycles, but since the little one arrived we have not ridden them much at all. We have really missed riding them around the neighborhood and over at the beach. We are thrilled that she can finally go with us!

She really seem to enjoy riding with her daddy! The only thing she was not thrilled about was the adorable barbie helmet that we put on her! It needs a little adjustment because apparently a one year old helmet is not something you can readily buy but I think with a little extra padding we can make this one work. Safety first, I guess. Gone are the days when kids learned the lesson the hard way, with scrapes, bruises and occasional head injuries! ;)

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Eric said...

Those are some cute names for twins! Congrats to your friend!