Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Recap...

So sad to say but this weekends highlights were that I went to work and the dog got a bath! Whoohoo! Going to work for me is actually fun. I only work 2 Saturdays a month since having the baby, so when I go it is actually refreshing. It is nice to get out and have some adult conversation and to use my brain a little. I will admit that my job is not challenging. I work as a receptionist at an animal hospital here in town.

It is a cushy job that hubby thinks is a total waste of time. My thinking is that as long as they continue to let me work my measly amount of hours that I am still gainfully employed and one day when I do go back to work (can you here the squeals of delight from hubby?) I won't have a huge blank spot on my resume. I know from experience that when applying for jobs it is often frowned upon when someone has several years of nothing, being the happy homemaker doesn't really count for much in career land. Even though some days it is harder work being at home then it would be if I was actually at work.

In other news, our poor neglected dog Sasha got the spa treatment this weekend. Bath and blow dry! Sasha is the sweetest dog who has really taken a back seat since baby was born. She is such a good dog who never seems to mind the fact that she gets minimal attention these days. I think she has a secret love hate relationship with Evelyn. On the one paw she hates that she is not the center of attention anymore and sometimes I'm sure she gets annoyed the way the baby pulls on her hair and even worse mommy and daddy letting the baby ride on her.

On the other paw the older the baby gets the amount of cheerios, sweet potato puffs, baby food etc. that hits the floor is becoming like an all day buffet of treats for her. Who wouldn't love some cheerios drenched with baby drool off the floor! I am very thankful that Sasha is such a gentle old girl and am glad that Evelyn's first experience with animals has gone really well (knock on wood). Working in the animal business I have seen many pets get the boot out of the house after baby comes home. Here's hoping that their relationship continues to go well!
I hope everyone had a great weekend, hopefully more exciting then ours! Happy Monday!

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