Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sixth Sense...

So I swear the little one has this sixth sense to know when i am really trying hard to catch something on camera. It has been a project of mine since she was born to take some sort of picture of her everyday. Which i in turn post on flickr for friends and family to see. I have been trying for a week now to get video of her pulling herself up and have been totally unsuccessful! Every time I'm ready she's not in the mood or i miss it by a split second! For example, I put her in the crib to wash my hands and i come back and she is standing up! How frustrating! The same for when she decides to try to crawl.

I call it her pretend crawl because she gets us all excited by getting into the perfect crawl position and then a big smile as she lays back down. I thinks she knows the camera is rolling! Yet somehow when we're are not looking she manuevers across the floor! The little stinker!


unblinkingeye designs said...

That disappointing "ugh" you uttered at the end of the video says it all! Evelyn has you trained very well ;)

Eric said...

Quick question:

How do you know Aahron Junkins Hill?!

Eric said...

BTW- ur daughter is a cutie!

Laura said...

eric- not sure who that is. is it someone whose blog i've commented on? i comment on a lot of random blogs for people whom i've never met. :)

Eric said...

"Truly Madly Deeply"... I thought you might of known her. hahaha

The reason I asked is b/c I went to high school with her..

Oh well..

Just checkin!
I do the same thing, (comment on random blogs)

I really enjoy yours!