Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Recap and a Laundry Room Preview...

It has been a busy week around here, it's only Thursday but already I am wiped out! Little man has a few teeth coming in so his sleep has not been as peaceful as we might hope and  little lady has been bouncing off the walls around here waiting for the big day...HALLOWEEN!
This week at dance class the kids were allowed to wear their costumes which was really cute. Both of little lady's witch costumes were very long so she opted for her fanciest princess dress to make it easier to dance it. It was a wise choice but I did feel a little bad about the amount of glitter it left behind. Oops!
 At little lady's insistence we carved a pumpkin for every one in our family, thank goodness there is only 4 of us because it was a real work out cleaning and carving all of them.
Little man's spooky pumpkin.
Little lady requested a traditional jack o lantern, with the addition of some hearts to girly it up.
Not the greatest picture of mine, but I think my BOO ghost came out pretty well. Especially since by the time I got around to  carving mine I felt like I had arthritis in my hands from using the tiny carving saw.
Daddy got out easy because little lady decided his needed to be the princess pumpkin this year, lucky him ~ no carving involved!
 We took the kids trick or treating in a preschool playmates neighborhood which was fun. There was 4 little girls so little lady had a great time. Little man rode along in his stroller, he was glad when it was over. Hubby also took little lady out to a few houses on our street so we now have a year's supply of candy, so please let me know where I can mail your share!
Progress has been continuing on the laundry room so much to hubby's dismay I am going to post a few pictures. He would prefer that I wait until it is complete but I am just THAT excited about it. I spend a LOT of time in laundry room so any improvement is a big deal.
Just to refresh every ones memory this was the laundry before. Yikes!
Here is the awesome coat/shoe/key shelf area hubby put together. The flooring in the shoe tray is a cork flooring which is great for wet shoes and drippy jackets. Also on the far right is a little seat for the kids to be able to use to sit and put there shoes on. He also moved move my drying rack to make way for a hanging rod above my dryer. Makes life much easier!
 As with all projects we start in this house it tends to spillover into additional projects. While finishing the doorway to the laundry room a built in cabinet one of the previous owners had installed had to be temporarily removed. 
Turns out I prefer the look of the space with out the cabinet. So now that cabinet is making friends with our bathroom vanity in the living room and more painting of panelling is definitely going to have to happen.

Little man was excited about the temporary relocation of the cats food and water. He will eat just about anything this days! Yummy!

He also jumped rope with the air hoses.
The new doorway to the laundry room. So nice to have an actual doorway to install that baby gate now that little man has a new found infatuation with the cat food.  
Tomorrow I will be waiting patiently for the gas man to come and turn our tank on so we can have some heat in the downstairs of our house. Oddly but luckily the upstairs of our house in electric heat. Having never had to deal with gas heat before I had no idea that it would take them 2 full weeks to get around to coming out to turn it on. Needless to say the cold weather crept up on us and it is getting downright chilly downstairs. 
Little lady told me today mama kitty was cold so she needed a blanket. If the furry cat is cold then it really is getting cool in here.
Hopefully the gas company means it when the say my appointment is  "sometime" around 12:45 tomorrow. In the mean time I will be camping out in the guest room upstairs with the heat!

I just had to throw this picture in because I thought it was cute. This morning for whatever reason little lady decided immediately upon waking up that she wanted to go join little man in his bed. He was thrilled for the company!


Melissa W. said...

Kent is the best! Lucky girl! At least Luke is chowing in the L-box :-). I do love the cabinet GONE! Agreed! Cork=awesome!!

Aunt Karen said...

I really like that coat/shoe storage idea. That might work in my kitchen entry!

And, I'm pretty sure you, me, AND Kahea all ate some cat food as babies. Who doesn't love kibbles n bits?!