Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Playhouse Progress

You remember the playhouse we weren't even going to have in this yard? Somehow the finishing of the playhouse has taken precedence over completing the master bathroom. Not sure how that happened but it has. I joke that it is hubby's "doghouse" for when he annoys me because it is so big you could easily fit a queen size mattress in it. Maybe that is why he has decided that it needs to be finished, so he has a place to hide from me and the kids. ;0
Hubby installed the tire swing on the left over the weekend and the roofers came yesterday and finished the shingles. I hear what you are all thinking, you needed roofers for a playhouse?! Well yes we did! We actually worked out a deal with the guy who fixed our sun room roof. Roofing is like tiling to hubby, a job he would rather someone else do. :)
We installed the slide about two weeks ago. Hubby, little lady, and a good friends little miss trying it out. 
Hubby built the ladder for the slide over the weekend, which little lady finds much easier to climb than the rigged up ladder we had been using.

Here she shows off the new front porch and rail. Hopefully this weekend we will finish up. We will be doing cedar shakes for the siding, it should be super cute when it's finished.

In other exciting news, little man had his 6 month check up yesterday. He was a trooper and only cried for about 15 seconds after his shots. He weighed in at 18lbs7oz. The doctor was impressed with his two teeth and his sunny disposition even after an hour wait in a stuffy exam room. He is really working on his crawling skills and I fear he will be on the go very soon.

School is back in and the little lady is going 5 mornings a week now, which she loves. We are finally getting into a routine of sorts so hopefully I can be a little more productive.


Melissa W. said...

Yay!!!! 5 more months til we see you again!

Aunt Karen said...

Oh wow! Didn't know Evie was in school FIVE whole days a week. She will learn so much!