Friday, January 14, 2011

If only someone gave me a prince everytime I pooped on the potty...

For the past week or so we have been in full on potty training mode around here. whoohoo. 
Can't you just here the excitement in my voice?
We have been on potty hiatus for over a month after a few previous  failed attempts. I decided it was time to just bite the bullet and throw little one in some princess panties and go for it! Since we had a week off from school and it was to cold to go anywhere I thought it would be the perfect time to get started.
The first two days were sheer torture and a true test of my patience level.
Somehow on the third day she finally quit peeing every 5 minutes! YEA!!!
Now that the pee is under control we are working on the 2nd issue.
Yup, for some reason the little one really is against pooping in the potty. Here she is telling me "No momma, I don't want to poop in the potty!"
 With that adorable little face it is hard to argue with her but the task of scrubbing poop from panties is not high on my list of favorite things to do.
So we have resorted to flat out bribery!
After two days of holding it hubby managed to get her on the potty just in time.
The reward, Snow White.
We have been putting a new toy just out of her reach in her bathroom. Every time she willingly goes the prize is all hers!
It took several days and a lot of talking it up but finally the prince was all hers!
Bribery! An awesome tool. A prince for a poop!
Next up, his loyal steed!
A poop for a pony!
Not a bad deal if you ask me...

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