Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It may be time...

I think the time has come to officially start potty training. A few months ago the little one seemed interested and after two successful pee pee's in the potty she decided she was through with it and refused to go near the potty again. Last night after bath she insisted that she wanted to "practice" on the potty, and she successfully did so. As a reward she got a tattoo, which she was thrilled about. Today we have tried the potty a few times but the only progress we made was a big puddle on the floor! She seems excited at the the prospect of receiving a tattoo or sticker as reward but at this point I think I'm the one who needs to step it up. I have been dragging my feet because when you are on the go, diapers are a hell of a lot easier, but at this point if I don't get on it we may miss the window of opportunity.
If anything I have this cute photo to blackmail her with when she gets older, nothing like threatening to show it to her future prom date!


Karen said...

You (and Evie) can do it! If that little girl from the park was big girl enough to tell me she had to go potty, I know Evie can do it :)

Plus, think about the $avings!

Surfer Jay said...

Holly crap...she's even reading on the pot. How many months is she? we are introducing my 26 month old to it, slowly, dang it I just don;t have the patience for that sort of thing right now.