Monday, May 4, 2009

Our First Major Oops!

This morning the little one decided she was going to try out her "wings" by taking a flying leap off of our bed. At full steam crawl she went right over the edge without even stopping! Until she hit the floor anyways! OOPS! After several minutes of full on screams and tears she fortunately was back to her normal self aside from the huge lump on her noggin and red little nose. After a small debate on whether we should call the doctor and admit to our bad parenting I googled "my kid fell off the bed". It is amazing how many other "bad" parents there are out there that have had similar experiences! I guess we are fortunate that we made it a whole year before any major accidents, and from the look on the little one's face I think she will live to see another day!
Happy Monday!

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Maegan said...

Miss Addison almost did the same thing the other day... no worries. "Bad parenting" is what lets out kids know cause and effect..... cause: fall off bed
effect: hurts like Hades! How else will they learn? And from point on, I guess we need to get used to bumps and bruises...