Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nothing to Post...

It has been an incredibly slow week around here, hence why i haven't posted in a while. It rained for the entire weekend so our biggest excitement was a trip to Sullivan's Island to eat at Poe's. There really is nothing better than their fish tacos! I suppose my biggest excitement is that Evelyn can manage to sit up for a few seconds before she topples over and yesterday I managed to get her to eat some sweet potatoes! Today's poopy diaper can attest to that! Yikes!!!
On another random tangent, hubby has now decided that he may be interested in buying an airstream camper! Since I have continuously vetoed buying another boat because they are not super practical for infants he thought maybe that it would be nice to have something we could do as a family! As you all know pre baby we liked to travel and go camping post baby its defiantly not as relaxing, that's for sure. I am still on the fence about buying a cramper, but I do see his point. It would be familiar for Evelyn to stay in, less germs for me and its can go anywhere we do in the continental US (and Canada). I have always wanted to go to Niagara Falls... Anyhow we shall see how it all plays out. The only kind of RV that I will agree to is an Airstream because they are so cool looking and not so toxic and plastic like your standard camper but you defiantly pay for it. But who knows hubby may just decide that he can't live without another boat!
Thats all for now! Hope everyone has a great day!

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Nothing beats the cuteness of the SCAMP: